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i like sad tv shows, time travel plotlines, ancient history, and girl groups


I do love how they light the Bonacieuxs’ house. Like they’re trying to make every shot of Constance look like a Vermeer painting. 

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"I would have loved a character like Rae on TV when I was growing up. Someone who doesn’t fit in a box, yet has friends who like her for her. Yes, she’s funny, but she’s also very smart and quick. And she struggles, but she shows us that it’s OK to struggle. I don’t think in 25 years I have seen someone on telly go, ‘You know what? It’s OK not to be OK all the time’. It shows you don’t have to live your life a certain way or look a certain way to have a great life."

Sharon Rooney by David Vintiner for The Independent Magazine

- What’s Google’s number?
- I don’t know. Ask Jeeves.


au in which the library of alexandria didn’t burn down